Membership List Updates

beat365 provides a specialized array of high-end investigative, training and consulting solutions. 我们的使命 is to provide a high return on investment by identifying, meeting, and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

We utilize technical investigative methods – similar to those used by law enforcement to find suspects and witnesses – to update your organization’s membership list with current contact information to reconnect with your alumni base.


The more questionable information we input per member, the higher the accuracy of the updated returned data. We take your exported data in a CSV/Excel format and return the updated data in the same style format for uploading back in to your CRM / contact management system. Updates may include any or all of the following:

Input Questionable Data

Social 安全 Number

Output Updated High Confidence Data

Up to 2 电话号码s
Up to 2 家庭住址es
Up to 3 电子邮件地址es

This information can only be used by membership based organizations to update their distribution/contact lists. It may not be used for directed solicitation of any kind or other commercial purposes.